Key Locker Management

Key & Locker Management

Most businesses suffer ongoing problems with staff lockers such as lost keys or damaged doors or locks. Left unattended these locker room issues can soon result in obsolete lockers and a costly time consuming admin burden. The Charlotte Key and Locker Management System is a fast and efficient service, designed to remove this cost and hassle.

At Charlotte Key and Locker Solutions we do not only fit and repair lockers but record and database every individual locker-code for each and every locker on site. When a new key is required, customers send us the door number; we identify and cut the matching key and dispatch in individually personalised envelopes usually within 2-3 days.

This service is particularly useful if you have a large number of staff or a high staff turnover – seasonal fluctuations for example. Whilst locker keys tend to be the most popular, we can provide