House Keys That Cant Be Duplicated

House Keys That Cant Be Duplicated That’s right, you can now purchase a lock for your front door which includes a cylinder and key that cannot be duplicated without a special card.
As a reputable Locksmith in Charlotte ,I usually don’t like to endorse a specific type of key brand but we have recently have had a lot of success with the new Mul-T-Lock key order card lock system. This special card looks like a credit card and is referred to as a “key order card”.security_Mul-T-LockFirst off, the card shows that you are authorized to duplicate the key.
Second, special key coding information is found on the card that the Mul-T-Lock authorized key duplicating store will need to have.
The harder is to duplicate your house keys, the safer your home and children will be.
If you are looking to change your front door lock you should really consider this type of system. I am a Locksmith in Charlotte and between us there are a lot of bad neighborhoods in Charlotte .
Some of my customers in these neighborhood want to buy a key and cylinder that will cost them fifty dollars and I explain to them that paying an extra fifty or even one hundred dollars can easily save you thousands if your home were to be broken into. So I would just like to stress that whether it’s a front door, a safe, or a car lock make sure that you tell your locksmith that you want to invest in the best quality locks possible.
If you want one of these high security Mul-T-Lock systems we’ll send over one of our Charlotte Locksmiths today. Contact us at: Charlotte Locksmith 704-579-5050 4735 Sharon Rd, ste 109, Charlotte, NC